The Three Hearts Pilgrimage

This is a 35-mile pilgrimage in Hulburt, Oklahoma. This is not a religious-themed vacation and should be used for your Atonement, Adoration, Petition, and Thanksgiving. It is not an easy walk but many people of all ages have been able to complete the walk. There should be no anxiety or worry about completing it. If at any point you need to stop, there are shuttles available for those who cannot make it any farther.

If you are considering bringing children, many are very successful at walking with the group but for younger children who need strollers, the path can be difficult for strollers. Even the off-road style and running strollers were breaking. Wagons for children can also be difficult to pull/push on this path with the speed and terrain.

Our informational meeting is scheduled for August 27th at 12:30pm at OLMC in the basement. We hope you will join us!

If you want more information on our chapter now, let’s connect at (303) 517-8608 or fill out the form below. For information about the Three Hearts Pilgrimage, please visit their website. It’s very informative.