If you are familiar with the 2023 charter bus fiasco, this is why we are renting vans for transportation. If you’re unfamiliar, the brief answer is, the charter bus never showed up! You can reach out for the longer story but we need drivers.

Many people heard about the charter bus fiasco and offered to help out for 2024. This is a unique opportunity to participate as a pilgrim without actually walking! The tentative schedule is to leave on Wednesday, October 9th and arrive for the pilgrimage by 3pm on Thursday, October 10th. Pilgrims depart on Saturday, October 12th with a stop in Tulsa, OK for showers before departing back to Colorado.

Currently, there are two options. Vans that drive straight through (overnight), and vans that drive 5-6 hours and finish the drive on Thursday morning after a night in a hotel. The return trip is similar with vans that drive straight through (would likely arrive around 3am) and vans that stop 5-6 hours later, rest, and finish the drive (arriving in time for High Mass on Sunday). If you prefer, you can choose your route and schedule and we will fill your van with pilgrims.

On Saturday, you can come to the Monastery and welcome the pilgrims as they finish their final trek into the Abbey or you may join them at the gate an walk in with the chapter. Mass finishes the pilgrimage. For 2024, the OLMC Chapter is leading the pilgrimage and WILL be in the church for Mass. There are more pilgrims then space in the church so this is an honor to be inside.

If you would like a more rugged experience, you may camp overnight with our chapter. We will need some assistance at the campgrounds. For those of you who want to help but would prefer not to sleep on the ground, we will cover the cost of a hotel near Hulbert. Gas is covered for the vans.

Please use the form to reach out. We appreciate your sacrifice.